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    Would like to see if there are any instructions or lessons learned on DALs. Have an integration contractor providing end to end products (architectures, performance etc) supported by two separate contractors responsible for pieces. Separate contractors provide data to integrator. We are not interested in the separate data but only desire the end to end view. Only will need the separate data if issues arise. Can I use the DAL to access the reports, data the separate contractors send to the integrator?


    The Data Accession List provide a means for identifying contractor internal data that has been created as a result of work requirements identified in the Statement of Work. The DAL is basically an index of the generated data that is made available upon the Government's request (it is not a data report in itself). I was able to locate only one document, DI-MGMT-81453A, that the Government uses to provide guidance for the creation of DALs. You can find it at

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