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    - Has anyone on the DAU Staff ever taken part in a program initiative to consolidate O&M Support for mulitple systems from multiple vendors under one contract umbrella? The plan is to write the contract so that it covers but Tier 1 and Tier 2 support, but arrange some sort of agreement with the original vendors for Tier 3 support. - Another interesting dynamic to this challenge is the equitable cost sharing peice. How do you sell off to your international partners the cost sharing portion? The team threw out the notion of a 'pay per pound' model but for some countries this model doesn't seem fair due to the sheer number of requests that they produce. To make this even more 'interesting,' within those requests are different types of data that may cost more than other data due to file size. What would a suggested cost sharing model be for this type of project? - How do you taks the potential bidders to include in their proposals their O and M efforts on systems that are still under development? So right now we have several projects that are currently underway. Once these projects reach IOC they are essentially in the O and M phase. Now these projects would reach IOC 1 and 2 years after we have executed the original consolidated O and M contract. I would assume that you would do some sort of phased option in your proposal to allow for a later roll-in date of these new projects? Would you do like an un-priced phase option? Would you have the bidder propose a study to be conducted on resources and overall cost effort for O and M of new projects? Also, if a study is the preferred option, how could you finance this study when you only have O and M dollars? - My last question - How would you structure the contract to give your International Partners insight into the status of the program? I assume it would be something similar to the F-35 program. We are not looking to have them participate in the source selection process but we would like to update them at some point of the program before this effort is put on contract. Keep in mind that we are dealing with 2nd and 3rd party partners. So you have to factor in the dynamics of who has access to what information.


    First thing, I do not know of anyone who has participated in a program to initiate a consolidated O&M Support for multiple systems.  Looks like the logistic part would be better served under a mission assistance umbrella (structure and incentives).  We were wondering why the change in contract strategy?  We would suggest a Single PSI (unbiased with no agenda) to integrate the multiple systems (potential for conflict of interest issues). We need to understand what the ultimate deliverable is, and who is the one contract for.  The cost sharing portion could be handled under a percentage of cost for the data, depending on the amount of use.  There should already be data available and you should be able to come up with projections based on past transactions.  With multiple OEMs and multiple contracts, we could have our DAU contracting experts review these questions or have your contracting folks advise you. Our contracting folks would be more than happy to help. Let us know if we can do anything else. 

    There are several types of incentive contracts that could be crafted to meet your needs.  A single contract with that contractor managing the other suppliers as subcontractors using a contract line item structure that segregates the international partner’s requirements and funding from the US portion.  Often, under PBL, the use of multiple contracts with individual OEMs is used to account for contract type and incentives for each contractor.  You appear to be trying to support information technology (software) which has its own unique requirements.  The best overall answer is to enlist DAU to do a consultation with you to outline a very specific strategy that will meet your needs.  We call this activity mission assistance where we'd form a team of subject matter experts and craft a solution for your consideration and implementation.

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