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    Are there any best practices, rules or regulations governing the technical evaluation process.


    The conduct of the technical evaluation process, in terms of who gets together with whom, in which office and according to what schedule, is typically determined by the source selection authority (SSA). As the SSA is frequently not in the supervisory chain of the personnel identified to perform the technical evaluation, the SSA will need the assistance of upper management to get the evaluation team members to conform to the SSA's preferences. 

    The new DoD Source Selection Procedures is a handy guide that any federal agency may use during source selections, but it doesn't get into the specific management process aspects addressed in your Question Background. For example, section generally states that the SSA is "responsible for the proper and efficient conduct of the source selection process in accordance with this procedure and all applicable laws and regulations," but it doesn't address issues such as whether the proposals are to be sent electronically for review, whether the team meets in one office, and so on. Managerial judgment and influence and application of any local procedures will be required to resolve the types of issues you are confronting.

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