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    With an appoved acq plan, is a separate document called a strategy required?


    As an ACAT III program with a MDA approved acquisition plan, your acquisition strategy should have been identified and incorporated into the acquisition plan. According to the Defense Guidebook section 2.4 “The Acquisition Strategy required by DoD Instruction 5000.02 is not the same as the acquisition plan required by FAR Subpart 7.1 and DFARS Subpart 207.1.

    The Acquisition Strategy is a top-level description, in sufficient detail to
    allow decision-makers and the milestone decision authority (MDA) to assess whether the strategy makes good business sense, effectively implements laws
    and policies, and reflects management’s priorities. Once approved by the MDA, the Acquisition Strategy provides a basis for more detailed planning.” 

    In short, there is no requirement to create a new acquisition strategy
    document with a currently approved acquisition plan. Many programs, however, slowly change their acquisition strategy and fail to adjust their acquisition plan accordingly. This disconnect can cause funding problems and delays. Bottomline, regardless of when the acquisition plan was approved, it is always a best practice to ensure that your current acquisition strategy and acquisition plan are aligned. 

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