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    The simplified acquisition threshold SAT increased from $100,000 to $150,000 just recently. Is the SAT one of the factors that we must look at to determine if a post-award orientation meeting is required. At FAR 42.502, Selecting Contracts for Postaward Orientation, it just mentions value of contract with no dollar amount, and not the SAT. Currently, in our office if an order is valued over $100,000 we must determine if to hold a post-award. Where did this $100,000 amount come from, when the SAT was $100,000. DFARS and PGI are silent on dollar value.


    The guidance given in FAR 42.502 for selecting contracts for postaward orientation is not dollar-amount specific.  Paragraph (b) offers consideration based on "type, value, and complexity of the contract."  Your local policy seems to set a specific dollar threshold in assisting the contracting officer in making the decision for such a conference.  Agencies are given latitude to issue supplemental guidance to that provided in the FAR (FAR 1. 301(a)(1)).  It very well may be that the local policy is that the consideration should begin at $100,000. 

    Also, it could be that your local policy may have been established in terms of dollar value when the SAT was at $100,000.  Further, it may be their policy to only consider those contracts above the SAT for postaward orientation.  If so, those issuing the policy may intend to adjust that guidance in the future.  With threshold changes constantly taking place, it may be more advantageous to state the policy in terms of "SAT" versus any set dollar value if that is the intent. 

    To answer the question, "Where did this $100,000 amount come from...?" you would need to consult your contracting officer or the local contracting policy branch.


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