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    Does the new Acquisition Strategy Report template that came out with Frank Kendall's 20 April 2011 Memorandum apply to service acquisitions? The document seems to be more for supplies/production programs, but I haven't read anything to indicate that it can not/should not be utilized. OR does the AFARS 5137.590-7 format for Service Acq Strategies apply? For this service, AFARS 5137.590-4(e) seems like it would apply. Is that accurate? Should service acquisitions in general follow this section of the AFARS and the instructions per dollar value?


    You will need to determine if your program for contractor logistics support services falls under the DoD Instruction, 5000.1, The Defense Acquisition System, and 5000.02, Operation of the Defense Acquisition System.  If your logistics program is for support of an Acquisition Category (ACAT) program (see DoDI 5000.02 enclosure 3), then you would adhere to the new Acquisition Strategy Report template that was issued on 20 April 2011, Document Streamlining – Program Strategies and Systems Engineering Plan.  The 20 April memo states that Life Cycle Sustainment Plan has been separated from the Acquisition Strategy and will be revised to improve focus on sustainment.  The additional guidance on Life Cycle Sustainment Plan should be out shortly.
    The 5000.02 instruction does allow agencies as necessary to issue implementing procedures so if would advisable to review your local agency guidance, AFARS, for any additional direction. 
    For your information the link to the Defense Acquisition Portal that includes the Better Buying Power Gateway is

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