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    What is the regulation, chapter, page, paragragh and sub-paragraph that expressly prohibits the field from ordering secondary items with the expressed purpose of building an end item?


    Two sources control the ability of a unit/organization to assemble a component, assembly or even an end item. 


         1.  The Maintenance Allocation Chart (MAC) chart as outlined by the authenticated technical manual would is the authoritative source on who is authorized to assemble, disassemble, adjust, repair, replace etc the component or end item in question.


         2.  The Maintenance Repair (MR) Code of the AMDF specifies who is authorized to do repair actions including assembly on the component or end item in question.  AR 710-2, paragraph 3-14 d. also provides guidance on who is authorized to accomplish the complete maintenance of the materiel.


    Often, the person reviewing the materiel will have to conduct a comparison of the two sources and get a determination on which source will take precedence.  In this case, however, assembly is most likely only authorized at the Sustainment level which typically means that a depot will be the only potential source.  Depots are designed to feed the supply system when acquisition cannot provide replacements.  We typically do not want to burden a field maintenance unit with this type of action because they are not resourced to handle such a mission in terms of manpower.  Just because they may be authorized to assemble does not mean that they should.  I would recommend that the PM reconsider this course of action.

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