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    Can a CO revoke this approval authority after a contract is awarded?


    In a word, yes.  Yes the Contracting Officer (KO) may revoke any responsibilitiy initially delegated and included in the COR Designation Letter.

    Roles, responsibilities and the authority for the KO to designate a COR and delegate responsibilities are explained in FAR 1.602-2(d) and DFARS 201.602-2 and PGI 201.602-2. We anticipate a new DoD Instruction and COR Handbook will be issued that provides more specific instruction on COR duties and responsibilities; these will be consistent with the FAR/DFARS guidance identified above.

    Please do not hesitate to ask another more specific question if this response is not entirely satisfactory.
    Disclaimer: The information contained in this AAP response represents only the views of the presenter.  The information presented should not be construed as changing any regulatory guidance, policy or the term(s) of any contract.

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