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    Can this be done without contract mods? If so, why? If not, why not? Large $ amount must be demiled by end of Sep due to time and cost constraints, axious to get reute $ for DoD.


    Once the items are reported in the Plant Clearance Reutilization and Screening System (PCARSS), which is the contractor's action when property is excess to requirements, the plant clearance officer opens a case for screening IAW FAR 45.6. At that point, when another DoD component wants to requisition the property through PCARSS, no mod is needed. The requiring agency should provide all necessary information to the Plant Clearance Officer to direct the contractor to transfer the items. Since the existing contract provides for this reporting process through FAR 52.245-1, no mod is needed. The plant clearance case provides authorization to close the contract property account and to support the transfer. Your mention of demilitarization is not clear; if property can be reutilized, it cannot be demilitarized. That is because of FAR 45.602-2 Priorities that must be followed.
    Please note the following PGI

    PGI 245.103-71 Transferring Government property accountability
    (4) It is the responsibility of contracting officers/item managers to ensure that Government property transfers are properly reported electronically, including the initial furnishing by DoD of Government property and the subsequent transfer of such property to other contracts/contractors, or its return to the Government. DoD or contractor-operated logistics systems using Defense Logistics Management System (DLMS)-enhanced reporting capability, to include authorizing contract number and Item Unique Identification (IUID), when applicable, shall be employed to report initial shipment, receipt acknowledgement, or return of items of supply in accordance with MILSTRIP and Military Standard Transaction Reporting and Accounting Procedure(s) (MILSTRAP).

    Such use of the DLMS will satisfy Government property transfer reporting requirements. For other Government property items where the DLMS is not applicable, the DoD Wide-Area Workflow (WAWF) Government property transfer system functionality should be used to accomplish reporting requirements. For information on DLMS, MILSTRIP, and MILSTRAP, see and click on DoD 4000.25-M, DoD 4000.25-1-M, and DoD 4000.25-2-M, respectively.

    For information on WAWF, see; under the Navigation Menu on the left, there is an "About WAWF" link. Click on "list of options" to learn more about WAWF. One of those links is "Access Web-Based Training (External Link)." That link will take the user to This is a web-based, computer-based training type course.

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