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    Is it possible to put multiple LOAs on a purchase request? Or would separate purchase requests, with one LOA per, be used for one contract? They are still using eDarts. Would it make a difference if it were eDarts or GFEBS? Thank you.


    After some clarification of the issue there are two issues to address in the response. First, The handling of the Lines of Accounting (LOAs) in eDarts is handled by the respective financial office and their guidance. Second, the way the LOAs are handled in the Standard Procurement System (SPS) or whatever contract writing system is governed by guidance in the DFARS. In the instance of multiple LOAs, DFARS 204.7104-1(a)(3) provides the following guidance "Informational subline items shall be used to identify each accounting classification citation assigned to a single contract line item number when use of multiple citations is authorized." Regardless of how the contracting officer receives the LOAs, either on one purchase request or multiple purchase requests, the subline is how each LOA is delineated under the respective CLIN. I have attached LOAs from different organizations and pools of money without incident many times.

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