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    Is there a clear and concise document that defines the roles and responsibilities for the APML, DAPML, and FST Lead?


    According to the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS), an APML’s role is defined as: “Sustains the design, support, and maintenance and provides professional logistics management expertise required to integrate logistics support considerations into the design and delivery of coordinated logistics products to the Warfighter and optimize in-service performance, readiness, and cost.”

    Other excellent sources of information on this subject are the:

    ·  DOD Product Support Manager (PSM) Guidebook dated April 2011 at

    ·  NAVAIR Logistics Handbook (formerly NAVAIR APML Handbook) dated June 2010 at

    ·  NAVAIR 6.6 Wiki Site at NAVAIR Logistics Tools at

    Note that the PSM subsumes many of the roles and responsibilities of other senior program logisticians, and depending on Navy policy, may potentially even replace the APML entirely at some point.

    Note also that NAVAIR Wiki site and the link to the NAVAIR Logistics Handbook are not currently functional; it is possible that the content has been moved or is in the process of being migrated to Sharepoint. The best source of information therefore would be the DoD PSM Guidebook listed above.

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