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    Can we officially purchase these items with appropriated funds? Shouldn't these items be issued to him upon arrival to his deployment unit?


    In most instances, personnel are issued the equipment and uniform items they need for their deployment prior to deploying.  Typically deployment orders identify the required uniform and gear items an individual is supposed to deploy with in accordance with any applicable table of allowances.  As contingency operations become steady state there may be some scenarios where the deployment location has a mature and robust enough supply operation which is capable of supplying needed items to personnel, but that is the exception.
    While there is no specific prohibition on using appropriated funds (normally O&M in this instance) for purchasing the items you identified, there may be other organizational guidance on who is authorized to procure these items and the reason for the purchase.  In addition, based on the dollar amount you mention ($251), this is well below the micro-purchase threshold and therefore it does not violate and dollar limit restriction in accordance with FAR 13.2 and DFARs 213.2.
    In some scenarios a unit government purchase card (GPC) holder is authorized to procure from their respective Base Supply the uniform and gear items needed for an individual’s deployment.  Depending on your specific Department, MACOM/Command, or local policy and procedures, any authority to procure these items from US Cavalry Magazine would most likely result from the fact these items were not available through normal supply channels and that they were authorized or required uniform items and gear needed for the deployment.
    Additional References:
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