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    The draft COR guidebook uses "contract surveillance" instead of "performance assessment" throughout, and other terms that conflict with DoD's PBSA guidebook and all of our HQ policy guidance to the field. Are you aware of a shift within DoD away from performance based service acquisition? Has there been any new guidance provided that I am unaware of? Thanks for your time.


    There is no current, or anticipated, shift in DoD away from performance based service acquisition.  On the contrary, the focus is as strong as ever. In fact DAU is developing new tools to improve the ability to write strong PWS and QASPs.
    Certain terminology in the draft COR Guidebook is purposely written to ensure it does not deviate from the FAR, DFARS, and Agency supplements which are codified in the Code of Federal Regulations.  Terms like “contract surveillance” used in the FAR fully encompass terms like “performance assessment” that you find in the PBSA Guidebook.

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