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    Can a task order or delivery orders exceed performance periods past the base IDIQ contract? Can a task order or delivery orders have a base year with option years without being a contract its self?


    The Task order Period of Performance should not eclipse the Computer Hardware, Enterprise Software and Solutions (CHESS) period of performance. If you must make this extension, I would think that you would need a FAR Part 6 J&A to extend the CHESS ID/IQ which probably would not happen because the KO doesn't have authority to change the basic contract terms and conditions. If more information is needed, please send an email to the personnel listed on page 2 of the following URL:

    Ordering contracting officers within the Army, DoD, and other federal agencies are authorized to place orders within the terms of the contract and within the scope of their authority.

    They are not authorized to make changes to the contract terms. The ordering contracting officer’s authority is limited to the individual orders.

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