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    Regarding the Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP) Template provided in the DAU Service Acquisition Mall: Is use of the QASP Template mandatory, or is it a guidline? If the template is mandatory, can you please provide the DoD regualtion which requires its use? Within my squadron, we're being told use of the DAU QASP Template is mandatory, even though we've locally developed QASPs (vice Performance Plans used with AFI 63-124), which contain all the elements found in the DAU QASP Template, are are specifically tailored for the local mission and acquisitions, and satisfy the FAR and DFFARS requirements for QASPs.


    The DAU SAM QASP template is not mandatory.  Organizations may have developed their own template which they require for use.  Please check with your individual organization to see if that is the case.  QASPs should contain the following elements:
    Roles and Responsibilities
    Performance Requirements and Assessments Performance Reporting
    More information regarding QASPs (including the DAU SAM template) can be found at DAU's Service Acquisition Mall website (

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