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    Is there a way to find out how what the industry standard is for liability insurance on these amounts shown? Does DoD have any examples to help me determine if 5 million dollars is enough or some sort of calculation program that would estimate the amount that should be carried.


    I do not believe I have enough information to fully understand or respond to the questions.
    Information needed, for example:
    1) The current proposal is for $248M in A&E services. Is the A&E service for the design of a $5B construction project?
    2) Is the $249M A&E services proposal, a single task order against a potential $5B A&E services IDIQ contract?
    3) Do you really want liability insurance on the larger dollar construction contract effort rather than the A&E effort?
    Comments: FAR 52.301 does not provide for mandatory specific liability insurance clauses for A&E contracts. However, FAR 28.311-2 provides the authority for agencies to prescribe their own provisions and clauses to implement basic policies contained in FAR Subpart 28.3.
    Since the question originated with the Department of Energy, I recommend the DOE FAR Supplement be reviewed and a senior contract analyst and contracts attorney be consulted.

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