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    The USMC are our battle buddies in Afghanistan and have expressed an interest in having us (Army) provide them with this capabilty. I am the APM in charge of the effort, and we want to help them out. We are currently working an MOA with the USMC to address all procurement, logistics, and sustainment requirements - is an MOA the correct mechanism for this. The USMC (MEF I) is getting ready to deploy soon (can't give you the date)? Any help/guidance you can offer is much appreciated. Vern


    Yes, an MOA would be an appropriate vehicle to document the terms of agreement between the Services.  The Defense Acquisition Guidebook (DAG), Chapter 11.1 addresses joint programs as well.  Even though yours is not a designated joint program, the DAG does recommend DoD Components periodically review their programs to determine if they should become a joint program.  In the interim, an MOA would be most appropriate.  In your case you would likely be seen as the "lead" Service and you already provided the RDTE for the program.  The MOA would then lay out the Marines' responsibilities in terms of procurement and operations & support funding as well as any other roles and responsibilities.

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