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    I have a Marine Corprs Systems Command program going for fielding decision with MDA. Equipment is built and awaiting fielding. While I believe an AoA is OBE at this point in systems acquisition process is there a substitute document that may satisfy the intent at this phase such as the AS/AP


    In order for any program to pass Milestone-C, and NOT have an AoA done, it would have had to go thru that milestone prior to Dec 2008 when the new DoDI 5000.02 was published. Since then, an AoA is required to be briefed at EVERY milestone, including Full-Rate Production Decision Review (or Full Deployment DR for AIS programs). There have been no grandfathering of this requirement – unless specifically requested and approved by the Milestone Decision Authority (MDA).

    Reference DoDI 5000.02, Enclosure 4, Table-3. You’ll find this requirement. However, what this means is that once an AoA is actually completed, the program does not have to RE-accomplish it at each subsequent milestone, but only validates that the assumptions and outcome recommendations are still valid/applicable.

    If an AoA was never accomplished, then your program should draft a letter to the MDA and request guidance for an AoA, or request a waiver FROM the AoA requirement.  An Acquisition Strategy (AS) or an Acquisiton Plan (AP) would not qualify/satisfy the AoA requirment.

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