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    If our organization contracts for a Land Mobile Radio System to be installed on a military installation (CONUS and OCONUS) in support of first responder responsibilities (Police, Fire Dept)(DA Civilian/and Active Duty military) is this considered fielding?


    I would say that you are in fact fielding.  Since you are "contracting", I will make the assumption that you are the Program Office responsible for this effort.  Whether this is a COTS, NDI or Acquisition, it appears that you are the organization performing the role of Program Management (unless it actually falls under a Program in which case you should be coordinating with that office to tie into their existing sustainment plan).  Further, if you are also responsible for ensuring that construction, infrastructure and support are in place for the sustainment of these Land Mobile Radio Systems then you are fielding.  The following provide guidance on the phases of an acquisition, specifically fielding:
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    During this phase, the emphasis is on finalizing equipment product support packages/ maintenance plans, managing and deploying the initial sustainment capabilities, and demonstrating the product support capabilities and effectiveness. Once they have been demonstrated, the emphasis is on fully fielding and implementing the sustainment capabilities to provide the users the capabilities identified in their requirements documents. Measuring the product sustainment package's effectiveness (including the associated supply chain) is an important aspect of the management responsibilities in this phase. Figure highlights the key phase activities.
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    The following are key program manager responsibilities in this phase:
    •  Ensuring actions are taken to provide the user support required to sustain the system within the budget provided, including highlighting to senior management the consequences and impacts on the Sustainment KPP/KSAs of budget constraints.
    •  Coordinating with the contractors, supply chain and operators to ensure each understands and is implementing responsibilities in accordance with the LCSP in an integrated fashion.
    •  Monitoring any changes to the design, operational environment and supply chain and adjusting the logistics elements within the product support package accordingly.
    •  Looking for improvements to reduce the product support package cost.
    During this phase, the reliability of contractor cost and performance data should be verified by monitoring contracts. Increased use of Defense Contract Management Agency and Defense Contract Audit Agency in overseeing contracts should be considered

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