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    1. Is there any detailed, but especially specific cell-by-cell, block-by-block tailoring guidance for the DI-MGMT-81650. Integrated Master Schedule (IMS)? If there is such guidance, please point me in the right direction. 2. Where is the specific and very detailed block-by-block tailoring instructions for the Contract Performance Report (CPR) DID DI-MGMT-81466A? Is the DID itself my source for block-by-block detailed guidance on tailoring? 3. Is the guidance any different whether the contract is $20 or $50M, the two thresholds in applying and certifying EVM?


    There is no current tailoring from the government as you describe.  Any tailoring of the aforementioned DIDs must be proposed by, and agreed to by the individual contracting officer and government agency affected.

    Industry, especially the NDIA (National Defense Industrial Association), and more specifically the Planning and Scheduling subcommittee has produced the PASEG (Planning and Scheduling Execution Guide), and is currently working training related to Planning and Scheduling.  While this is seminal work for industry, there is no current adoption by the government.

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