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    I thought DRMS exists to serve the Department of Defense. Do we really not want to use DRMS (DRMO) and will the DFARS be changed? Where in a contract would payment for disposition be carried, and does every contract carry that?


    You are correct that DRMS serves the Department of Defense. The KO may decide to use DRMS to support compliance with 45.103 (a) (3) [Agencies shall] “Ensure maximum practical reutilization of contractor inventory for Government purposes;” however, private companies do not have direct access to the DRMS, so turn in must be authorized by the KO or the KO’s representative for disposal, the Plant Clearance Officer (PLCO). The Contractor's Property Management Procedures should include all the steps of the disposal process that are applicable for the circumstances of contract performance. If authorized, the KO would provide the DoDAAC for the 1348-1 turn-in documents. The authorization may also be by the PLCO using the “MO” code in the Plant Clearance Automated Reutilization and Screening System (PCARSS). When a contractor is directed to turn property in to the DRMS, the coordination for delivery is similar in some aspects to preparation for other shipments; for example, fluids may need to be drained or items palletized in a specific manner for turn-in. Contracts that provide property include consideration for administrative costs such as reasonable disposal efforts.

    DFARS 245.608-70 is no longer valid for screening with the DRMS as CIRS was disestablished; however, that guidance pertained only to screening. Justification for the use of DRMS includes routine clearance of property on an installation, increased potential for reutilization, a higher return from a sale lot, more economical special handling, overseas regulations or expedited clearance that is in the Government’s best interests.

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