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    I have been tasked with generating a System Requirements Specification (SRS) and have been asked to include both threshold requirements (what are prototype system currently can do) and objective requirements (additional things the customer would like the fielded system to do). I am using Data Item Description Number: DI-IPSC-81431A as a guide. This guide does not mention separating requirements into thresholds and objectives; however, I know that the Capabilities Development Document (CDD) does. Can you tell me the relationship between the SRS and the CDD and whether or not threshold and objective requirements are appropriate for the SRS?


    What you are calling the SRS is usually referred to as the System Subsystem Specification (SSS) or the Performance Specification (PS) or sometimes just the System Specification; and it is logically derived from the CDD.  The CDD can contain threshold and objective values.  The Program Office and the Customer/Sponsor need to determine what is realistically needed/wanted and jointly establish to what specific requirements (within the defined range) the contractor "builds".  The default condition would be the threshold.

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