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    Is there any requirement to confer with DFAS to ensure that final payment has been made to a contractor pending contract closeout? I don't see it explicitly written anywhere but our local instruction, but it seems like a good idea nonetheless...


    Please refer to the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) DD Form 1597 Contract Closeout Check-List (DFARS 253.303-1597) Item 5s. Final Voucher Submitted and to Item 5t. Final Paid Voucher Received.  These items must be confirmed in order to determine and accomplish Item 5u. Final Removal of Excess Funds Recommended.  Completion of these check-list items enable you to complete the DD Form 1594 Contract Completion Statement (DFARS 253.303.1594) blocks 5 and 6 (including blocks 6a., 6b., and 6c.).  Coordination and communication with DFAS is essential to ensuring that the contract is complete as to funding and payments and, thereby, the contract is both physically complete and financially complete to enable complete closeout.


    The specific instructions on the use of these forms are found in the DFARS Procedures Guidance and Instructions (PGI) at PGI 204.804 Closeout of contract files. 

    PGI 204.804-2(1)(iv)

    “Upon final payment—

    (A) Process a DD Form 1594 or the electronic equivalent verifying that all contract administration office actions have been completed; and

    (B) Send the original DD Form 1594 or the electronic equivalent to the contracting office, and file a copy in the official contract file.”


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