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    What DAWIA certification is required for COR certification if in a DAWIA position?


    A COR may come from any career field (and often they do) that has no DAWIA certification. 

    The new DoDI which should be out soon: will most likely state the following:

    Contracting officers may waive COR TRAINING requirements for COR nominees who have obtained a minimum of
    Level II Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) Certification in:
    - Contracting (1102 job series)
    - Property (1103 job series)
    - Quality Assurance (1910 job series)
    If an individual is in any other DAWIA Certification career field (e.g. LOG, PM, BCF, etc.), they will still need to take the commensurate COR training for the type of contract they will be a COR on.

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