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    Are we getting any closer to certification for COR's? What will the training requirements be?


    I would categorize this as a question for those in policy.  But I'll provide an answer as best I can; here goes...

    All indications are there is no current effort or intent to establish a DAWIA Certification for CORs. There have been significant efforts to establish mandatory training requirements for CORs. The training include basic COR activity as well as contract and functional specific training requirements. There is a Memorandum signed by the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Logistics and Technology, dated 29 March 2010, which identified these training requirements. A new DoDI should be released soon which will codify this.

    I would also like to comment briefly on your Question Background. 

    Please note that it is not policy that the COR always be assigned to write the PWS, QASP, IGE, Technical Exhibits, etc. Again, this is highly dependent on the contract itself and the requiring organization, including their specific processes, procedures and manning levels (including expertise) for who is assigned this responsibility.  All guidance, policy and training encourage the use of IPTs and the involvement of subject matter experts when developing and writing these documents. Often the COR, especially if they've been the COR on an existing effort of the same type and magnitude, has direct knowledge of critical lessons learned and brings much to the government solution.

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