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    1. Since my agency has Cooperative Agreement authority and Grants are another form of assistance, does my agency inherently have Grant authority as well? 2. Would 16 U.S.C. Sec. 670c-1(a) have to specifically state authority for "Grants" in order to have authority for grants? 3. Given the wording in 16 U.S.C. Sec. 670c-1(a), are we restricted to Cooperative Agreements only?


    We recommend that you read the applicable DoDGARs for a complete explanation as well as verify the Grant authority of the organization with the respective head of your DoD Component. The DoD Grant and Agreement Regulations
    Gaining an understanding of the DoDGARs will prove to be very beneficial while working with grants and agreements. DoDGARs, DoD 3210.6-R -- "Department of Defense Grant and Agreement Regulations" may be found at: (DoDGARs) is the source of rules for awarding and administering all grants and most cooperative agreements and Technology Investment Agreements. According to §21.310 - Who ensures DoD Component compliance with the DoDGARs, the Head of each DoD Component that makes or administers awards, or his or her designee, is responsible for ensuring compliance with the DoDGARs within that DoD Component.  Beginning at §21.425, the DoDGARs explains the approval authorities and delegations for appointing grants and agreements officers … who are the only ones authorized to enter into, administer, or terminate grants and cooperative agreements. It’s up to each DoD component to establish its own process for appointing grants and agreements officers.

    You may also browse the GRT 201 (Grants and Agreements Management) course materials. To access the material, go to: and select the "public use" tab at the top right. Afterwards (1) click on GRT 210 within the "Public Use Course List" (2) Click on Course Materials (3) Click on Participants Workbook-Feb 2010. After accessing the participant’s workbook you will find all the course materials in PDF format.

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