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    besides a CPD....what documentation would you envision being required by the MDA for direct includsion to a MS-C from a JCTD if you're using all COTS for your acq strategy?


    The Defense Acquisition Guidebook provides information on the entrance criteria for Milestone C.  Please see the following link:
    This link will provide you with the DoD 5000.02 tables for what is required at a MS C.  (Note there are separate tables for Major Defense Acquisition Programs and ACAT II and III programs.)  The MDA may tailor these, so the discussion needs to take place between the POR PM and the MDA as to which items will be required.
    The one output from all JCTDs is the Operational Utility Assessment.  This will include some of the information required by 5000.02 that would support the MS C decision.  It also likely includes much of the information required by the requirements community (TRADOC for the Army), who is responsible for developing the CPD.  The JCTD OM and XM will likely need to support TRADOC in the development of the CPD.
    Other items that might be produced by a JCTD that the POR would be looking for include:
    *  Test data - including documentation on the methodology
    *  Configuration data - including definitions of a interfaces (mechanical, electrical, power, cooling, data, etc.) (form, fit and function)
    *  Support information - including operations, maintenance, installation and training manuals, any concepts/plans for supporting/repairing the end item in the field
    *  All technical data delivered under the JCTD contract, including a clear definition of any data delivered with less than Unlimited Rights
    *  Any DOTLPF (Doctrine, Organization, Training, Leadership, Personnel, Facilities) developed by the JCTD
    *  Any certifications that have been obtained (or are in process), for example:  spectrum, air worthiness, information assurance, etc.
    The bottom line is that the JCTD TM, OM and XM need to coordinate with the POR to provide as much of the information required for a MS C that has been produced by the JCTD project.  As JCTDs are tailored procurements, there will likely be additional work required to meet the MDA’s requirements for a MS C review.  The POR and the JCTD team will have to work together to determine how these requirements are met.

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