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    I've read FAR 15 and I cannot determine what constitutes Certified Cost and Pricing Data. If this tribe has never had this request before, what do I tell them to provide to meet our request? What documentation exhibits certified cost and pricing data? An audit? This is the first time I have had to request this info and I'm an intern. I need clarity on what Certified Cost and Pricing Data looks like. I don't see it in the file for the previous contract. Thank you.


    The first consideration is whether the deliverable is a commercial item according to the definition in FAR Part 2. The Government cannot request certified cost or pricing data for a commercial item (see FAR 15.403-1). The fact that the award is to an Indian tribe leads me to believe that this is most likely a commercial item that is exempt from the requirement to provide certified cost or pricing data. On the chance it is not a commercial item, the "cost or pricing data" to which the certificate refers is the information included with the actual cost proposal. The actual definition of "cost or pricing data" in FAR Part 2 lists the type of information included in cost or pricing data. 

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