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    My question is when there is a small business set aside and they need to perform 51% of the work what does that mean. 51% of FTE, 51% of Revenue, 51% of profit, 51% of Labor dollars? This is unclear to me.


    The information you are looking for is best researched on the Small Business Administration's website.  Whenever this type of information is found it normally refers to the amount of work performed by the participants.  See this sample text taken from the SBA website. 

    "Each 8(a) firm that performs an 8(a) contract through a joint venture must report to SBA how the performance of work requirements (i.e., that the joint venture performed at least 50% of the work of the contract and that the 8(a) participant to the joint venture performed at least 40% of the work done by the joint venture) were met on the contract."

    If you cannot find the information you are specifically looking for on their website the SBA makes it easy to contact your Small Business Administration representative office.  Their agents are always eager to assist small businesses with their contracting issues. The SBA is a great resource for small businesses to access for all of their contracting, joint venture and subcontracting needs. In many circumstances they can even assist small businesses to gain future government contracts. Contacting them is the first step to understanding the SBA's rules.  Inserted below is the SBA's contact information.  They can get you in touch with the representative that can best assist you.

    Contact SBA

    By Mail:

    US Small Business Administration
    409 3rd St, SW
    Washington DC 20416

    By Phone:

    • SBA Answer Desk: 800-827-5722
    • Disaster Loans: 800-659-2955
    • HUBZone Program: 202-205-8885

    By Email:

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