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    Do you have any studies, lectures, or set of slides talking about the important of "right sizing" the SE approach to the program/effort in question?


    The reason systems engineering even exists today is by virtue of the result of thousands of hard lessons learned from the past.  Without a strong emphasis systems engineering one today, the growing complexity of weapon system developments and/or their supporting infrastructure would quickly place the US at risk in maintaining its competitive advantage on the battlefield.  Without one, significant delays in weapon developments would also ensue or warfighters would be placed at greater risk or both. The DoD can ill afford either. 


    From the outset and beginning with a comprehensive requirements analysis and ending with the deployment of a cost-effective solution into operations takes key processes, key personnel and key technology. SE serves as the insurance plan.  And, rightly so, every SE approach should be “right sized” for each program/effort.  The SE processes outlined in the SE handbook as well as those processes that have proven equally effective in other functional areas by the DoD evolved from proven practices over the course of many years. They continue to bear fruit. 


    For example, the best Systems Engineering approach would be the one that was built in a highly collaborative environment that included experienced personnel steeped in a wide range of proven SE practices.  The best Systems Engineering approach would be flexible enough to minimize the adverse effects of changes in weapon designs or technology shortfalls and be data driven to ensure key decisions are grounded in facts.  The best Systems Engineering approach would contain built-in trip wires that call attention to increasing programmatic risk well before delays surface or a program becomes crippled. The best Systems Engineering approach would integrate every functional discipline and recognize interdisciplinary dependencies. The best Systems Engineering approach would optimize existing operational support strategies and their time phasing without re-inventing a new one unless a necessity. 


    The best Systems Engineering approach recognizes there is no one size fits all. Chapter 4 of the Defense Acquisition Guidebook (DAG) is a great source of information.


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