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    Is DT&E required for every acquisition program, I.e., AAP through ACAT 1? Is DT&E required for non-acquisition programs (non-acquisition program defined in SECNAVINST 5000.2e par 1.7)?


    According to the SECNAVINST 5000.2E (1 September, 2011):
     - Paragraph 4.5 states: "The Developing Agency (DA) shall conduct adequate Developmental Test and Evaluation (DT&E) throughout the development cycle to support risk management, provide data on the progress of system development and attainment of performance criteria specified in TEMP, and to determine readiness for OT. For DON programs, DT&E shall be conducted by the DA through contractor testing or government test and engineering activities."  I.E. this requirement to conduct adequate DT&E applies to all Department of the Navy (DON) programs.
     - Paragraph states: "The Research and Development (R&D) agency for a non-acquisition (non-ACAT) or pre-acquisition (pre-ACAT) program has responsibilities equivalent to those of the Developing Agency (DA) for Test and Evaluation (T&E) costs."  I.E. this implies that the requirement to conduct adequate DT&E applies to non-ACAT and pre-ACAT programs, as well as to Acquisition (ACAT) programs.  (Note that according to paragraph 1.4, an Abbreviated Acquisition Program (AAP) is considered to be an Acquisition Program.)
     - Paragraph 5a states: "The provisions of this instruction apply to all DON organizations and to all ACAT acquisition programs, including naval intelligence and naval cryptologic ACAT programs, abbreviated acquisition programs (AAPs), non-acquisition programs, and rapid deployment capability programs."
    The answer to the above Ask a Professor question is that adequate Developmental Test and Evaluation is required for all Department of the Navy programs, including ACAT (AAP through ACAT I), non-ACAT, and pre-ACAT programs.

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