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    Is there a standard best value worksheet for procurements?


    No, there is not standard best value worksheet for procurments.  FAR 2 defines Best Value as "the expected outcome of an acquisition that, in the Government's estimation, provides the greatest overall benefit in response to the requirement. FAR 15 says that you can do a best value procurement by deciding whether to use a 1)trade-off process (a trade-off between non-cost evaluation factors and cost/price) OR the 2)Lowest price technically acceptable source selection process (a determination is made of technically acceptablity; the lowest cost technically acceptable proposal wins the award).

    The decision to choose the trade-off process or the LPTA process is unique to the procurement.  The selection of the evaluation factors or what is technically acceptable is also unique to the procurement.  The unique nature of each procurment (different market conditions, different requirments, different budgets, different timelines for pd of performance....) would make it impossible to write a standard worksheet. 

    Please read FAR and DFAR PGI.  I have also included the new Source Selection process guide for DOD.

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