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    1. Can personnel (KO, Ctr. spec, COR) make changes in the address in Wide Area Workflow receiving reports (DD250's) to match the contract expecially since this creates a manual correction and we rely on generating addresses automatically? 2. Can the address generated from the DoDAAC directory ever be altered similar to the fact that a CAGE Code has only 1 official address?


    In Wide-Area Workflow, the field for the address of a particular DoDAAC is editable by the contractor when inputting his data for payment. Therefore in the scenario you provided, the building number could be changed to the building number of the actual delivery vice what is automatically generated in WAWF using the DoDAAC listing. The addresses in WAWF are not in any way influencing the actual movement of material, so changing the address will not alter the shipment. There is training available on this feature at the WAWF website:
     In addition for specific questions relating to the DoDAAC listing, the list is managed by the Defense Logistics Agency and can be accessed here:

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