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    What appropriation is appropriate for funding conferences and what regulations cover this area?


    Since this is a subject that receives a lot of scrutiny, it would be best for you to review the GAO Fiscal Law guidance, commonly referred to as the GAO Red Book, specifically volume I Chp 4 section 2 Attendance at Meetings and Conventions (pg 4-36)  at

    This section will explore when appropriated funds may be used to send people, government employees and others, to meetings. Congress has passed a number of statutes in this area and the cases usually involve the interpretation and application of the various statutory provisions. For purposes of this discussion, the term “meeting” includes other designations such as conference, congress, convention, seminar, symposium, and workshop; what the particular gathering is called is irrelevant. 

    Then also check with your organization's Comptroller to determine if it has set out any additional policy for this subject.


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