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    Is it necessary / mandatory that with the increase of the AAO due to wartime requirements that the original Final Operational Capability date, having been met in a previous FY, been changed to reflect the procurment of the additional units?


    No, it is not mandatory per DoD level directive to change a previously met FOC to account for additional procurement items unless the CDD or CPD have been changed to reflect a change in FOC date. FOC is defined as the point in time when all units and/or organizations in the force structure scheduled to recieve a system have received it and have the ability to employ and maintain it. It doesn't necessarily mean all systems have been received. The specifics for any particular system's FOC are defined in that system's CDD or CPD.

    Nonetheless, as a practical matter, changing the CPD to reflect a change in procurement quantity at this point would be a purdent thing to do even if only to formally document the action. A change in FOC would ultimately be user determined. You might want to consider changing the procurement quantity in the CPD keeping the previously met FOC but assign a new FOC-2 (for example) in coordination with the user to reflect the distribution of the increased production quantities. Then, all your bases are covered. You do have some flexibility with an ACAT III program.

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