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    If I can find "re-furbished" components on a site like EBay can I use Government funding to purchase the items?


    I see that you are a Contractor asking this question.  I’ll assume that you are responding to a Government “customer” to build a test station as you indicate a plan to use Government funding.  You must first refer to your contract as to the requirements that are specified therein.  Your next stop is your own company purchasing department.  They are charged with procuring such COTS items, software upgrades and connections as may be necessary to fulfill your contract requirement. 

    Assuming this is a Government customer; your company purchasing system is subject to the requirements of the Federal Acquisition Regulation and will be reviewed on a periodic basis by the Government for adequacy.  If the purchasing department has established procedures that employ EBay as an approved source of supply, then that could be used as a procurement method to fulfill your needs.

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