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    1. The references quoted in pertinent part below are applicable to this response:

    FAR -- Part 6  Competition Requirements
    FAR 6.001 – Applicability
    This part applies to all acquisitions except --
    (a) Contracts awarded using the simplified acquisition procedures of Part 13 (but see 13.501 for requirements pertaining to sole source acquisitions of commercial items under Subpart 13.5);

    FAR 13.501 -- Special Documentation Requirements
    (a) Sole source (including brand name) acquisitions.
      (1) Acquisitions conducted under simplified acquisition procedures are exempt from the requirements in part 6. However, contracting officers must --
      (i) Conduct sole source acquisitions, as defined in 2.101, (including brand name) under this subpart only if the need to do so is justified in writing and approved at the levels specified in paragraph (a)(2) of this section;
      (ii) Prepare sole source (including brand name) justifications using the format at 6.303-2, modified to reflect an acquisition under the authority of the test program for commercial items (section 4202 of the Clinger-Cohen Act of 1996) or the authority of the Services Acquisition Reform Act of 2003 (41 U.S.C. 428a);
      (iii) Make publicly available the justifications (excluding brand name) required by 6.305(a) within 14 days after contract award or in the case of unusual and compelling urgency within 30 days after contract award, in accordance with 6.305 procedures at paragraphs (b), (d), (e), and (f);
      (2) Justifications and approvals are required under this subpart only for sole source (including brand name) acquisitions.
      (i) For a proposed contract exceeding $150,000, but not exceeding $650,000, the contracting officer’s certification that the justification is accurate and complete to the best of the contracting officer’s knowledge and belief will serve as approval, unless a higher approval level is established in accordance with agency procedures.

    (b) Contract file documentation. The contract file must include -- 
      (4) Any justification approved under paragraph (a) of this section.

    2. Based on the FAR requirements described above, we believe that a sole source justification for the contemplated contract modification will be required in the contract file pursuant to FAR 3.501(a)(1)(ii) and FAR 3.501(b)(4) and that posting of this justification to FedBizOpps will be required pursuant to FAR 3.501(a)(1)(iii) because this $31,000 contracting action will revise the total contract value from $123,000 to $154,000, which exceeds the current SAT of $150,000.  However, pursuant to FAR 13.501(a)(2)(i), this justification may be approved only by the Contracting Officer, unless a higher approval level is required by agency procedures, because the total value of the contract will not exceed $650,000. Therefore, we would conclude that a $31,000 modification that is outside the scope of the existing contract cannot be treated as a separate contracting action as being under the SAT for the purposes of CICA requirements as implemented under FAR Subpart 13.5.

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