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    What authoritative source guides WHO should be placed on the signature page of an Acq Strategy? Where can I find this guidance?


    On April 20, 2011, the PDUSD(AT&L) issued streamlined, annotated outlines for the Technology Development Strategy / Acquisition Strategy and the Systems Engineering Plan (SEP).  These outlines have been completely re-written and re-focused on information central to the purpose of the document.  The outlines constitute expected business practice and are effective immediately.  They will be included in the Defense Acquisition Guidebook and referenced in the next update to DoDI 5000.02.  The PDUSD(AT&L) memo provides additional implementation detail.
    The referenced Technology Development Strategy / Acquisition Strategy outline can be found at: Documents/Attachments/9537/PDUSD-Approved.TDS_AS_Outline.docx
    This outline has three signatory categories:
    • “Submitted By”:  the program manager
    • “Concurrence”:  the entire chain of authority between the program manager and the Milestone Decision Authority (i.e. the Program Executive Officer (PEO) and DoD Component Acquisition Executive)
    • “Approval”:  the Milestone Decision Authority (i.e. Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology and Logistics))
    The outline assumes an ACAT 1D program.  Since your program is an ACAT 1C, the DoD Component Acquisition Executive would be on the “Approval” signature line, rather than on the “Concurrence” signature line.
    Although DoD Components must follow this DoD policy, they still retain the prerogative to be more restrictive in their Component-level policies—to include, in this case, adding more signatories to your program’s Acquisition Strategy.  As a matter of course and to avoid confusion between the various Components, DAU does not generally answer Component-level questions.  However, each Component Acquisition Executive has a staff who can answer such administrative questions.  DAU suggests that you consult with your Component Acquisition Executive staff to determine if there is additional Component-level guidance / policy.

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