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    What are the required acquisition process steps for this scenario? Will an MDD be required? What milestone/fielding decision forum is needed? What program documentation is required?


    The "fielded sustained" decision along with TAA 14-18 decision type classification and an approved CPD should be sufficient.  As long as no more development or procurement is anticipated a Materiel Development Decision would be redundant.  Another key point is that the sustaining organization should be designated. The 2008 ASA(ALT) memo at titled "Procedures for Transfer of Rapidly Equipped Initiatives/Products/Systems to Program Executive Offices (PEOs) for Life-Cycle Management" states that a formal transfer memorandum will provide this designation in writing.
    "Once consensus between the parties (transferor and transferee) is reached, the transfer packet will be reviewed by the Deputy for Acquisition and Systems Management and a formal transfer memorandum will then be issued from ASA(ALT) assigning formal life-cycle management responsibility to the designated PEO. This transfer memorandum will direct the parties to complete an acceptable MOA for transfer of the system/product within a specific timeframe based upon circumstances (normally 30-60 days)."
    The memo also addresses funding and other details of the transfer process.  The sustaining organization should take existing sustainment documentation and update as necessary for life cycle sustainment (typically a lifecycle sustainment plan).  Execution of sustainment should afford the opportunity to refine support agreements and contracts to improve reliability and other system sustainment measures.

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