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    Is the document sponsor, Combat/Capability Developer, the right office to release the CDD? Or is the correct office to release the CDD the Product Manager? Thanks, John


    The answer here depends on what level the Capability Development Document (CDD) was created at.  If the document is for an Acquisition Category (ACAT) level I program, or a Major Defense Acquisition Program (MDAP) then the CDD was mostly likely generated by the Joint Requirements Oversight Council (JROC).  If that’s the case, then THEY would be the document originator.  If the program is not an ACAT I, or an MDAP, then the generating office would be lower as well, and could even be the Service Command who “owns” the requirement. 

    It’s important to remember that the CDD is a requirements document, and outlines the “user’s” requirements.  Typically, the document originator should have release authority over their document – especially if it’s classified.  In the case of ACAT I/MDAP’s the JROC would have release authority.  In the case of lower-level or service “owned” documents, it would be up to that service’s policy on release; each service will have slightly different policies.

    Other considerations not articulated in your question are: who is requesting the CDD (outside the PMO)?  Is release necessary/required in order for the PMO to manage the program?  Is the CDD classified?

    The PM and the PMO must have a copy of the CDD in order to do their jobs.  The CDD should likewise be releaseable to the contractors doing the work, as they are expected to fully understand the requirements of the system.

    Without additional information on your specific case it would be hard to speculate further on the TRADOC’s assertion.  If, however, they are truly the generating office of the CDD, the likelihood of that office being the “release authority” is rather high.

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