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    It would be greatly appreciated if someone would provided further clarification to these types of statements.


    Item 4.
    Enter Data Item Description (DID) number, military specification number, or military standard number listed in DoD 5010.12-L (AMSDL), or one-time DID number, that defines data content and format requirements.
    From your question it is not discernable as to why someone in your agency wrote for reference only for the DID. The only reason to write language like that into the contract is if using a mock number to show the format of an item and not necessarily a actual DID to the responding vendor. It is also not clear why your agency wrote "contractor format acceptable" unless a one-time DID number is being used.

    The best way to understand the intent on language that some one wrote into an RFP is to ask them directly. They will know. Please contact the person who wrote the RFP. It may be perfectly reasonable to have this language in the RFP if the intent is understood.

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