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    Understand for the MS-B we will need the CLA but not a CDA. Understand for the MS-C we will need a CDA but no CLA. Need to know which/both CLA/CDA we need for each MS? Assume for both we need a Supportability Strategy, are they required for both MS reviews? Do we have to do a SORA for both or just one for the MS review, if so which one? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!


    1. Core Logistics Analysis
    a. The PM will conduct a core logistics analysis (CLA) prior to Milestone B and document the results in the draft LCSP to meet the requirements of 10 USC 2464 and DODI 5000.02.  (Conduct the CLA prior to Milestone C for those systems that enter after Milestone B.)  The CLA determines that a core depot organic repair capability is required when-
    (1) The equipment/system requires depot level maintenance as defined by 10 USC 2460.
    (2) The equipment/system is essential or strategic to support the JCS mission. (see fig 5-1).
    b. The PM uses information derived from the CLA to make programmatic decisions that affect supportability planning and resource allocation.  These decisions are translated into actions and are reflected in the LCSP, the acquisition strategy and the Army cost position.
    c. The CLA will-
    (1) Define the degree to which the program meets 10 USC 2460.
    (2) Define the degree to which the program satisfies 10 USC 2464.
    (3) Define the degree to which program supports any Army limitations to 10 USC 2466.
    (4) Define the degree to which the program will pursue PPP as discussed in 10 USC 2474.
    d. The PM will use analogous, engineering or parametric estimates to develop the CLA of a system under development and associated maintenance workload prior to a design being developed for formal analyses.
    e. The PM will use the CLA to determine if a CDA is required.  When a CDA is required, the PM should request the supporting LCMC assign a candidate depot to the PM for further refinement.  The candidate depot will assign a subject matter expert to the PM to help the PM develop its depot maintenance support plan.
    2. Depot maintenance planning and source of repair determination Depot maintenance planning and source of repair determination is an integral function of the ILS process.
    a. Materiel developers and LCMC commanders will use the depot source of repair (DSOR) determination process outlined in figure 5-1 to determine depot maintenance capabilities, develop direct labor hours (DLH) and recommend depot maintenance workload assignment while ensuring that the Army meets statutory obligations.
    b. The PM will document depot maintenance planning actions in the LCSP that include the results of the CLA and CDA or source of repair analysis (SORA) (if applicable) prior to Milestone C.  The milestone decision authority (MDA) will document all deviations from this policy in the Acquisition Decision Memorandum (ADM) associated with the appropriate milestone.
    Source:  Army Regulation (AR) 700-127 Integrated Logistics Support

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