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    Hello, Is there ANY DoD 5000 or regulatory guidance to support when a new program gets palced in a MS life cycle, Is the PMO STILL required to support all the older documentation artifacts prior? Thanks


    The DoD Instruction 5000.02 allows program entry at any milestone.  The forum for this decision the Materiel Development Decision (MDD) which is conducted for all programs regardless of entry point. Paragraph 1. c. of Enclosure 2 "Procedures" states:
    " Following the Materiel Development Decision, the MDA may authorize entry into the acquisition management system at any point consistent with phase-specific entrance criteria and statutory requirements. Progress through the acquisition management system depends on obtaining sufficient knowledge to continue to the next phase of development."
    These phase specific requirements are also found in enclosure 2 of the DoDI 5000.02.  In general the entry point for a program depends on 3 main factors: technical maturity, JCIDS documentation and funding.  As an example program
    critical technologies must be proven in a relevant environment prior to Milestone B which authorizes entry into the Engineering and Manufacturing Development (EMD) Phase.  If the program's critical technologies have been
    chosen but not tested and demonstrated to this level, entry at Milestone A into the Technology Development (TD)Phase would be more appropriate.  An approved Initial Capabilities Document (ICD) is required for entry at the MDD
    (Materiel Solution Analysis Phase), or Milestone A (TD Phase).  An approved Capability Development Document (CDD) is required for entry at Milestone B (EMD Phase).  An approved Capability Production Document (CPD) is required for
    entry at Milestone C (Production and Deployment Phase).  Funding for the program is required at all milestones.
    The statutory and regulatory documentation requirements for each milestone are documented in Enclosure 4 of the DoDI 5000.02.  The Milestone Documentation Identification tool <> automatically sorts these requirements by program ACAT level and milestone.  Generally programs are only required to satisfy the documentation requirements for the program's entry point into the acquisition system.

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