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    Are there separate entrance criteria for Full Deployment, vice Full Rate Production (FRP)? If not, how do the entrance criteria for FRP relate to software-intensive systems?


    In accordance with the DoDI 5000.02, Operation of the Defense Acquisition System, "For MAIS programs or software intensive systems with no production components, the Full-Rate Production Decision Review is referred to as the Full Deployment Decision Review".  Although each of the services and affected DoD agencies implement these policies and procedures slightly differently, this would suggest to me that the entrance criteria would essentially be the same for ACAT 3, non-MDAP, non-MAIS software-intensive programs, i.e., this effort delivers the fully funded quantity of systems and supporting materiel and services for the program or increment to the users. 

    Additional guidance/direction from your service/agency and the MDA may levy additional requirements for a successful Full-Rate Production (or Full Deployment) Decision Review.  Additional information on this topic and other software best practices can be found at

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