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    Where in a regulation or guideline do you find that these are incorrect guidance. I have read in COR Handbook that we shouldn't direct contractor personnel, but cannot find out where this comes from. I am not certain about the resume position either.


    The contractor's site manager is responsible for directing the work of the company's employees under the contract. This is a basic tenet of sound contract management. Consider this— How can the Government hold the contractor responsible for non-performance if it doesn't lay responsibility for said non-performance on the contractor's duly appointed site manager? The site manager is also the interface with the Government's contracting officer's representative.

    As for résumes, the Government is within its rights to review employee résumes both pre-award and post-award, if it is so stated in the solicitation and/or contract. If the solicitation (as an evaluation factor) or contract does not contain such language, then the Government must avoid giving the impression that it is involved in the selection of specific contractor employees to work on the contract.

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