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    Do these fall under the realm of GFP in the FAR/DFARS, whereby the GFP clauses would apply and the attachment required in the solicitation? Especially, when the items being furnished have an acquisition value over the simplified acquisition threshold. These items do not lose their identity.


    Items that the Government has title to that are provided to a contractor to be serviced and returned are Government Furnished Property (GFP). The FAR Clause 52.245-1 applies to such items of GFP in accordance with FAR 45.107(d), which is pasted below. If over the simplified acquisition threshold (SAT), or if the contract provides other Government property, the items provided to the contractor are subject to the applicable FAR/DFARS property clauses. Please don't hesitate to ask a more specific question if this answer is not entirely satisfactory.
    FAR 45.107(d)

    Purchase orders for property repair need not include a Government property clause when the acquisition cost of Government property to be repaired does not exceed the simplified acquisition threshold, unless other Government property (not for repair) is provided.

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