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    If we advertise the solicitation on FBO for an acquisition that is less than $25K to increase competition,is it required to post the award information on FBO after award also?


    I think you have discoved that the FAR is poorly written in this area.  FAR 5.301 (b) (6) does not make it clear whether the synopses should be done or not.  Since I'm the DAU liason to the DARC, I plan to bring this problem to their attention and see if we can make a correction to the FAR.  If I'm successful, plan on this taking about a year.   

    In my opinion,  you do not  have to synopsize the award.  FAR5.301 (a) only apply to contract awards exceeding $25,000.  The exceptions under FAR 5.301 (b) again only apply to contract awards exceeding $25,000.  I do believe that this is written in error and that the councils intented for contracts under $25,000, that had used FBO, to be an exception to the synopses requirement.  Otherwise, FAR 5.301 (b) (6) doesn't make any sense. If you are  risk adverse, then synopsize.  Transparency is always preferred, so no inspector or reviewer should be critical of that decision. 

    If you are not the contracting officer, please get his/her concurrence. This confusion is why it needs to be brought before the council.  I will also contact the Army representatives on the council to get their concurrence.  If you would like to follow-up on what is said by the DARC and the Army representatives on the DARC, please contact me at  

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