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    In block 10 of a CDRL, what is the difference between ASGEN and ASREQ? Are there examples available for how to fill out blocks 11-13?


    Please look at the back of your CDRL form:  It says....
    Item 10.
    Specify number of times data items are to be delivered  (I don't see anything that says  ASGEN, ASREQ.  You are obviously copying another person's form.  ASGEN probably means  "As Generated" and ASREQ probably means "As Required"  This is something that your office uses so you must understand what it means.  Why not start a new trend and just put in the number of times the CDRL is required)  Item 11. Specify as-of date of data item, when applicable. Item 12.
    Specify when first submittal is required. Item 13.
    Specify when subsequent submittals are required, when I have includeda CDRL for you to review at

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