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    Are BOAs a more effective contract type for NSA compared to IDIQs, providing an increased threshold similar to that of previous BPA standards? Any information and clarification you can provide in regard to this topic/scenario is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. Regards, Peter W. Gerhard 973-724-1469


    First it's important to understand that a BOA is not actually a contract type, but a contracting method. This is an important distinction with an IDIQ, which is an actual contract type. A BOA is a contracting method that does not obligate the Government. Instead, it sets the groundwork for future contracts that may use the BOA as a foundational document and thus save time. As for whether an IDIQ is a suitable contract type for "non-standard ammunition," that's tough for someone not directly involved in the acquisition to say. However, the contracting officer should generally consider a Requirements contract type first, as that would put the Government at less risk because it does not obligate the Government to purchase a minimum quantity (as would an IDIQ contract type). FAR 16.503 and 16.504 discuss the differences between Requirements and IDIQ contract types.

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