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    Does DAU offer any training courses that focus on Data Rights?


    No courses at present devoted exclusively to data rights, but the following courses contain some coverage—

    PMT 401, Program Manager’s Course: Addresses data rights in two, 80-minute case studies contained in the course (Ship Analytics and Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle Training). The discussion in Ship Analytics revolves around the different types of data rights and the difference between data rights and intellectual property. The data rights discussion in Ship Analytics lays the groundwork for further discussion of the topic in our EFV Training case study. 

    PMT 402, Executive Program Manager's Course: Contains a 90-minute session on data rights. 

    ACQ 370, Acquisition Law: Contains a 2.5 hour case study on data rights/IP, as well as a guest speaker from Legal Counsel's office who discusses data rights for a one-hour block.

    PMT 352B, Program Management Office Course, Part B: One exercise has a job aid on data rights. One of the questions in that exercise deals with "identification of the key production and quality issues/risks related to the contractor’s production and modernization proposal and their mitigation." One of the answers to the question for risk mitigation for the production of electronic components parts obsolescence is to work with the prime to establish an alternate source, e.g., acquiring data rights, along with other options.

    CON 290, Contract Administration in a Supply Environment: Contains a one-hour lesson with a focus on options to acquire data rights.

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